2016 – 24th edition

Fibre opting sensing in the America’s Cup
D. Constantini, S. Arrivabene, Micron Optics Inc., Switzerland

Through life load monitoring of superyacht carbon fibre rigs experience and new applications
E. Wilkinson, D. Roberts, Magma Structures/Global,, United Kingdom

Local and global analysis of large motoryacht superstructures
D. Boote, University of Genoa, Italy

Developing the DAMEN SeaXplorer range of expedition yachts
J. van der Velde, Damen Shipyards, the Netherlands

Computational sustainability: a life cycle perspective approach for eco design and large yachts construction
V. Eleuteri, VSY and Eulabor Institute, Italy

Energy analysis on a propeller operating in open water
B. Schuiling, Maritime Research Institute, the Netherlands

Behaviour at anchor of partially submersible yacht: genesis of the comfort draft concept
Y. Chellaoui, G. Gaillarde, E. van der Mark, Maritime Research Institute, the Netherlands

Hydrodynamics of wind assisted ship propulsion, modelling of hydrodynamic forces
N.J. van der Kolk, Delft University of Technology,, the Netherlands

A comfort analysis of an 86m. yacht fitted with fin stabilizers versus Magnus-effect rotors
J. Ooms, L.R.P. Sosa, Quantum Controls, the Netherlands

Norse Power Flettner rotor, operational experiences and results from the first reference installation
J. Väinämö, Norse Power OY LTD, Finland

From operational profile to hybrid propulsion
P. van Zon, P.T. van Loon, FEADSHIP, the Netherlands

Structural design inspired by nature
D. Leidenfrost, Dykstra Naval Architects, the Netherlands and Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany

Electric propulsion optimization
R.J. Niessink, De Voogt Naval Achitects, the Netherlands

Motions and loads of high speed craft in regular waves,prediction and analysis
F. Prini, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

The IMO Polar Code and large yachts
J. Gravina, BMT Nigel Gee Ltd, United Kingdom,

A life cycle cost analysis of hull vane application on motoryachts
K. Uithof, Hull Vane BV, the Netherlands

Exploring the limits in sail design and construction
R. Doyle, Doyle Sails, United Kingdom

Glass as a supporting structure in yacht building
F. Verbaas, Lloyds Register, the Netherlands